Dear Reader,

My name is Alex,

I am the person behind this website.

I have been in the mattress industry for over eight years. We open our first Furniture & Mattress Store in Los Angeles in early 2010 during the recession. That store is still up and thriving today, and we continue to sell mattresses by the truckloads. Thur out the years I became very knowledgeable with mattresses. This knowledge leads me to start this website to share my humble experience and understand about mattresses.

I know first hand that buying a mattress can be intimidating at first because of all the selections, brand, types, and degrees of comforts.

However, I truly believe that buying a good mattress can be fun and satisfying. I will do my best to share the information you need on this site to truly enjoy this great experience!

If you need to get in touch with me, you can contact me here.

Enjoy my website!