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The Best Innerspring Mattress Reviews

In ideal conditions, you should spend a third of your life asleep. For this reason, getting quality sleep should be a priority for everyone. The following innerspring mattresses are suggested as possible solutions to your need for quality sleep.

Top Innerspring Mattresses: Buyer Guide 

These are the things customers look out for when choosing the best innerspring mattress:


The coils within innerspring mattresses come in four designs. So, what do you consider when shopping for a mattress? Well, comfort, durability, and price must be among the aspects to give thought too. Others are bounciness and the likelihood of sagging. Among the various mattresses on offer are innerspring mattresses.

The Continuous Coil

It is also known as the Mira design. This design consists of a single strand of wire that runs the length of the mattress. The wire is coiled into springs. As a result, the springs tend to support each other and provide stability. This also makes the mattress more durable. However, this design does not let the mattress conform to the contours of your body, thus compromising on comfort. Furthermore, it can be noisy as the springs rub against each other. The price of this mattress ranges from low to medium, and it is fairly popular with

Open Coil

This type of mattress is also known as the Bonelli. It is firm and also fairly popular. This mattress is made of a wire frame within which multiple springs are placed. This design has a fairly good durability. The springs are often made in an hourglass shape and number about 300. However, it only has average motion isolation, which means that the movements of your partner could interfere with your sleep. The pricing for the open coil is fairly low. On the flip side, the mattresses are prone to sagging over time. This can be countered by flipping the mattress onto the other side for even wear.t here...

Offset Coil

They are similar to open coils with the main difference being the fact that each spring is connected to the next by a helical wire that runs at the top. This design provides for fair body contouring together with improved motion isolation. This mattress design is supportive of the body. It is also durable.

The Pocket Spring

This design is so named because of the fact that each coil is encased in its own pocket. As a result, each spring moves independently of the others, making for good motion isolation. Furthermore, the individual springs are better able to adjust to the body's weight and contours. This reduces pressure points, thus making for a higher degree of comfort. It is the most expensive of the innerspring mattresses.

Spring Gauge and Density

A spring is designed to be compressed when pressure is applied to it and to regain its former position when the pressure eases off. The ability to resist pressure is what gives it its bounce. Obviously, the thickness of the spring will determine how much it will compress. This, in turn, will determine the relative comfort of the mattress. Thickness or diameter is referred to as gauge and ranges from 12 to 15 with the higher number being thinner.

Note that thinner springs will make the mattress softer to lie on while the thicker gauges give it firmness. It, therefore, means that heavier people should go for the lower gauge springs because of their load bearing strength. The opposite is likely to be true for lighter people.

Another issue worth considering is that thicker springs are also more durable and will increase the lifespan of your mattress.

The number of springs inside your mattress is a factor in its overall cost. The lowest number should be 300. Queen size mattresses have a spring density range of 450-900 with 725 being average. A top quality king size mattress could go as high as 2,000 springs. Most of the springs are made of tempered steel.

Comfort Layer

The innerspring mattress can be bought with an incorporated layer that comes on top of it for increased comfort. This layer can be made of various materials.

Polyurethane Foam

Polyurethane foam is the natural material in foam mattresses. It is used widely and is soft. A layer of two or three inches can lie over the springs. On the downside, its durability is doubtful as it tends to sag. Moreover, when new, it releases an unpleasant chemical-like smell that will lower the quality of your sleep before the scent clears with time.


Polyester and cotton are the materials of choice for a fiber-based layer. This layer sags and has suspect durability.

Mini coils

These are tiny springs that are placed over the larger ones for better contouring and motion isolation.

Mini Review of Each Innerspring Mattresses

This mattress has a complex multi-layer and 13 gauge coils that ensure you get the ultimate comfort. It comes with both a gel memory foam and pocket coil, making it one of the highest quality spring mattresses.

The motion isolation and spinal support features will see you sleeping in any position without any discomfort. This mattress comes with a 10-year warranty and is certified by CertiPUR- US. You can use this mattress on an adjustable bed.


  • The foam memory layers offer support to joints, shoulders, back, and neck
  • There are reduced sensation movements between the people sleeping on it due to the innerspring layer
  • It provides resistance to allergens, mold, and dust mites, keeping you healthy
  • Foam layers keep you cool


  •  It is a bit pricey
  • For those who love soft mattresses, this might not be the ideal product

The signature's king size mattress has 744 encased coils and 13.5 gauge coil. This magnificent mattress comes vacuum sealed for durability. One downside is that it is only available in full, king, and queen sizes.


  • It comes with a pillow top to offer more support and comfort
  • It tends to be cheaper than the other mattresses with similar features
  • It comes compressed and rolled for easier shipping
  • This mattress curves according to your sleeping position and body weight, making it excellent for pains elimination


  •  It tends to be very heavy
  • Initially, it has a faint unpleasant odor                                                 

This mattress is made by Zinus and it features many layers that come with different density memory foams. It also has an iCoil base with 690 pocket spring. The total gauge coils and multiple layers of foam offer you all the support you need for quality sleep.


  • You will get this mattress in different sizes, ranging from Twin to King
  • Different thickness sizes you can choose 8, 10, or 12 inches
  • This mattress gets to you in a box since its design allows for it to be compressed and rolled
  • 10-year warranty


  • It retains heat, which is not good, especially during summer
  • It doesn't come with any trial period, and returning it might cost you a fee

The Englander mattress comes in 10 inches and has 14-gauge toughened steel springs that make it soft but firm. Due to the current competition on spring mattresses, Englander Finale mattress price is reasonably low. This does, however, not compromise its quality. You are guaranteed to have a peaceful sleep as this mattress will comfortably support your weight.


  • Affordability- Englander mattress retails at a lower price compared to others with the same features
  • Stay Cool- Its top layer is made of natural wool, which helps heat dissipate quickly, leaving you feeling cool
  • It is the right mattress for kids and teenagers as it can accommodate their weight very well, leaving them comfortable
  • Its softness makes you feel like you are sleeping on a cloud


  •  Too soft- for heavy people, this might not be the mattress for them since they will find themselves sinking
  • Short warranty: This mattress only comes with a one-year warranty, meaning that it could be defective.

Olee mattress comes with a heat treated coil, high-density memory foam, which is also eco-friendly, making this mattress very safe and comfortable at the same time.


  • This mattress has several layers that keep it well ventilated and cool for those summer nights
  • The combination of firmness and softness makes it have a great feeling on your body, leading to better sleep
  • It will also offer you the best support to eliminate any back pain
  • This mattress is affordable, and you will also get free shipping


  • It can only be found in either king or queen size
  • It is made in China, which might compromise the memory foam quality


Of all the five products, the Signature Sleep Signature 13 Inch Independently-Encased Coil Mattress emerged the winner. This mattress is the best choice for people with back pain. It is manufactured from the best quality materials to offer you luxury and comfort.

The fact that it comes in a small package makes it ideal, especially since it tends to be big when unwrapped. It is the best innerspring mattress since it also tends to be very pocket-friendly, which is a good thing given its size and all the benefits it offers you. If you are looking for a soft mattress that will provide you with comfort and support, go ahead and get yourself a Signature Sleep Signature 13' mattress.

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