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Bunkie Board Dimensions

Bunkie boards are available in the same sizes as mattresses. The bunkie board is constructed with solid plywood, metal or
wooden slats, covered with fabric. The fabric is generally in a muted, flat color since the foundation is at the bottom of the bed. The thickness of each bunkie board is 1.5″ to 2 inches. The dimensions of each board are designed to fit platform beds, twin daybeds, metal bed frames, twin, and full bunk beds.

Below is a list of bunkie board dimensions.

Bunkie Board
Bunkie Board

Bunkie Board Size Chart & Dimensions

Twin Bunkie Board Size
2″ High X 39″ Wide X 75″ Length99cm X 190.5cm
Twin XL Bunkie Board Size2″ High X 39″ Wide X 80″ Length99cm X 203.5cm
Full Bunkie Board Size2″ High X 54″ Wide X 75″ Length134.5cm X 190.5cm
Queen Bunkie Board Size2″ High X 60″ Wide X 80″ Length152.5cm X 203.5cm
King Bunkie Board Size
2″ High X 76″ Wide X 80″ Length193cm X 203.5cm
California King Bunkie Board Size2″ High X 72″ Wide X 84″ Length183cm X 213.5cm

Relate Questions

Do you need a bunkie board if you have slats? Yes, I highly recommend a bunkie board to sit over the beds’ wooden slats. The reason is that wooden slats are prone to break over time. A bunkie board will give your mattress a flat support surface that will prevent slats from breakages. A small investment on a bunkie board will stop you from buying a new bed frame sooner.

How thick should a bunkie board be? A bunkie board should be at least one and a half inch to two inches thick. The board is constructed of wooden or metal slats wrapped in fabric material. Bunkie boards have a flat, supportive surface and durable like a box spring.

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