How to Save Money on Mattresses

I often get asked for mattress discounts. I know first hand that mattresses are a bit overpriced. So, I did some thinking about all the proposed discounts that customers have asked me over the years. Keep reading I’ll explain the best way to get you a deal.

How to Save Money on Mattresses? The best way to save money on a mattress is to do your homework. Research the name, brand, price, quality, what’s included and the mattress stores in your area. Walking into a mattress store load with this information will undoubtedly give you the best changes in saving your cash if anything it give you the upper hand by knowing the product.

Now, with the information in hand, start your mattress search at your local mattress retailer. This is where you try out a few mattresses that fit your personal needs and comfort.

Below I will discuss how to save money on your mattress. These are the tips you want to use when it comes to investing in a new mattress and getting the best deal.

Money Saving Tips on Your Mattress

  1. Find a store that sales off name brands
  2. Shop for closeouts models
  3. Shop for overstock mattresses
  4. Buy a smaller mattress size
  5. Negotiate the price with the mattress store
  6. Ask for extras: pillow set, metal bed frame, mattress removal, or mattress delivery
  7. Keep your current box spring
  8. Buy the stores display model

Mattress Store Saving Tips

Off-Brand – Save money on the off brand name mattresses. Major manufacturer brands product mattress under a different name. These “off-brand mattresses”s are made of the same warehouse, using the same materials at the fraction of the price. An example mattress line is Serta’s and its off-brand line Five Star Mattress.

Overstock – Shop the store for overstock mattresses. I know first hand that when we overstock our warehouse with several mattresses, we decide to lower prices to help us move out inventory. When shopping for a mattress ask the store if they have an excessive mattress inventory. Note that it might only be only specific models.

Closeout – Find the deals in the closeouts. Every year mattress stores received new models. February and August are the best times due to the national Furniture & Mattress Market in Las Vegas. During this time mattress manufacturers show their new items to retail stores. This is when stores decide to close out their current mattress models. During this time you can find deals on last year modles .

Size Option – Buy a smaller size mattress. If you are in the market for a queen mattress, opt-out for a full-size mattress. The size difference is 5″ in length and 6″ in width. This will also save you money on the mattress, sheets, and bed frame.
I have also found that cal king mattress is less priced that a king size.

Negotiate Price – Negotiating will get you a better deal. Find the competitors prices on your phone and use this as proof. Mattress stores are willing to knock a few dollars off if you have evidence that you are shopping at different stores.

Ask For Extras – Now, this tip will not save you money but you might walk out with a freebie. Ask the store for free pillow set, metal bed frame, mattress removal or a mattress delivery. All the free options are possible as long as you ask!

Keep Box Spring – Keep your current box spring. The box spring is an extra charge that goes unnoticed. First confirm that your current box foundation is in a condition that will support your new mattress.

Display Model – Purchase the display mattress on the showroom floor. Display model mattresses are kept in great codition and have never been slept on.

Save By Ordering Online

Today, many online-only mattress businesses sell high-quality mattresses. Advanced technology allows manufacturers to compress, wrap and ship mattresses straight to your door. As a result, companies no longer need to maintain buildings and salespeople, and they can pass along savings to you. Online mattresses cost typically one-third less than the same mattresses found in many retail stores. Some mattresses feature even more significant savings.

Also, many mattress providers will allow you to try mattresses for 100 nights before committing the mattress. Some will merely pick-up unwanted mattresses and donate them, while others may charge a nominal fee for returning mattresses. In addition, many offer 10-year limited warranties as well.

Interested on Online Mattresses?

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People want to know

Why are mattresses so expensive? A mattress is a unique product commodity, that is sold to last for years. The expense of the mattress derives from the cost of the materials, such as pocket coils, gel memory foam, and latex. Additional features, such as mattress thickness, organic natural , eco-friendly and non-toxic, can also add to the price.

How long does a mattress last? A mattress can last 7-10 years. The quality and care determine the years the mattress can maintain its support and comfort. The highest quality mattresses like pocket coils, gel memory foam and hybrid mattresses can maintain its appearance and support for up to ten years, adding a mattress protect cover will increase the life expectancy of the mattress. Low-grade mattresses break down faster and regularly give way to sagging, replacement become more frequent if not often.

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