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After purchasing my first Class C RV (Four Winds Fun Mover), I decided to replace the mattresses. As I was about to replace the RV mattresses, I notice the sizes were not the standard size that I was accustomed to at the mattress store. So, I researched the most helpful information to better decide which mattress will fit inside our RV. This article will help you if you have a new RV, travel trailer, or camper, or just looking to replace a mattress in an RV you already own, this list can help you find what you need.

What RV mattress size do you need? To get the most accurate sizing, start with measuring the surface where the mattress will need replacing. Measuring the RV mattress is the best way to get an accurate measurement. Mattresses can shrink in the weather therefor the sizes can be off by a few inches. Your results will likely be one of the following sizes. If you can’t find a match on this list, don’t despair! Having a mattress custom made for your RV is possible.

These mattress sizes will apply to any mattress toppers that you might use to make the bed even more comfortable. The same goes for sheets and blankets. If you can’t find the linens you need in your usual store, there are many specialty RV linen suppliers online who will be happy to help.

RV Most Common Sizes:

Short Queen: 60″ x 75″ (Common Size)

Short Queen: 60″ x 74″

RV Queen: 60″ x 80″

Olympic Queen: 66″ x 80″

Three Quarter Size: 48″ x 75″

RV Full: 53″ x 75″

RV King: 72″ x 75″

RV King: 72″ x 80″

RV Cal King: 72″ x 84″

RV Twin: 38″ x 75″

RV Twin: 38″ x 80″

RV Bunk:

  • 28″ x 75″
  • 30” x 80”
  • 34” x 75”
  • 35” x 79”
  • 30” x 75”
  • 42” x 80”

Detailed RV Mattress Sizes

Short Queen

The short queen (also called the queen short) offers extra room while still maximizing space. These mattresses come in the more common 60”x​​​​75” as well as 60”x74”. Many of the mattresses used in RVs are this size because they help reduce the weight of the RV and leave room for the other furniture. As the name implies, this mattress is shorter than the standard or RV queen, which helps it fit into tight spaces.

RV Queen

If you have a truck camper or one of those nifty pop-up campers, you’ll probably need a 60″ x 80″ RV queen mattress. Take note of the height to make sure that it fits when you’re inside or when closing the camper. No one wants their head to go bump in the night! Queen mattresses usually fit two adults well, which makes them the most popular size.

Olympic Queen

​This size can be a little tricky to find. However, some retailers still carry this 66″ x 80″ mattress.  It gives sleepers half a foot more width to stretch out and relax, so it might be worth looking for if you want just a little more space, but not the bulkiness and weight of a king-size bed.

Three-Quarter Size

These mattresses are often used in RVs and measure  48″ x​​​​ 75″.  The name comes from it being three-quarters of a queen mattress. They might also fit that antique bed you inherited from Grandma.

RV Full

At just one inch smaller than a regular full bed, this 53″ x 75″ mattress can give one person room to sprawl out or be a cozy bed for two people. Sometimes this size is called a double bed. Two adults can be a tight fit on a full mattress, so it’s a good idea to try it out together first to see if you’ll be comfortable.

RV King

If you are looking for even more roomy accommodations, the RV king comes in two sizes: 72″ x 75″ and 72″ x 80″. This mattress might be a good fit if you want more width for sleeping space or relaxing with the kids or pets. Keep in mind that a king mattress takes up a good deal of space, so plan carefully to ensure you have enough room to maneuver around it.

RV Cal King

Like the California king mattresses you might see in a house, the RV Cal king gives taller sleepers more length. At 72″ x 84″, it also leaves room for pets or kids who might like to curl up at your feet. With any king mattress, consider the weight since you might have to lift it to access storage compartments under the bed.

RV Twin

The RV versions of the twin mattresses you often see on bunk beds or dorm rooms are just an inch narrower. They usually measure 38″ x 75″ or 38″ x 80”. Twin mattresses are great for kids or shorter adults. If you’re on the tall side, you may find your feet dangle off the end a little bit. When the mattress is part of a fold-out couch or another piece of convertible furniture, be mindful of the thickness to make sure that it can fold in properly.

If you and your sleeping partner have space for a RV king mattress, you might be able to substitute two RV twin mattresses placed side-by-side. That way each of you can have the exact firmness you want while still getting to sleep in the same bed.

RV Bunk

RV bunks vary in size and are usually narrower than a twin mattress. They are a good size for children. Some of the typical sizes are:

  • 28″ x 75″
  • 30” x 80”
  • 34” x 75”
  • 35” x 79”
  • 30” x 75”
  • 42” x 80”


These are the most common RV mattress sizes. Make sure to account for headroom! A thick mattress might be comfy when you try it out, but then not leave you enough space to sit up once you’re actually in the bunk.

Related Questions

What size are RV bunk mattresses? An RV bunk bed mattress is narrow and thinner than a typical bunk bed mattress. The common bunk mattress size range is 28″ x 75″ to 42″ x 80″.

What is an RV cut corner mattress? A cut corner RV mattress is designed to save space inside your motor home. This design makes it easy to move in and out of the bedroom area. The cut corner is at the end of the mattress away from your head. RV cut corner mattress are is designed in two cuts. The first is the bottom right-hand cut corner. The second cut is the bottom left-hand cut corner.

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